Most Tasty Cuisines in the World

Every country has its own customs for food preparation, and certain dishes and traditions they are known for. Here are a few examples of world cuisines that are well liked.

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular worldwide, and is best known for many different types of pasta. In fact, there are over 100 different pasta types to chose from. Sauces may be cream or tomato based. These meals can appeal to vegetarians as well, because Italian cooking often calls for at least one type of cheese. This can take the place of meat for those who prefer. Herbs are used, particularly basil and oregano. Basil in one of the main ingredients in pesto, a common pasta sauce.

Gelato makes a nice light dessert, which is much the same as Western ice cream. A more rich, but delicious dessert is Tiramisu. This is layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee, a whipped mixture of Italian cheese and then cocoa. It may also include liquor such as rum.

French cuisine is very diverse, as every region of the country has its own cooking styles. The Provence region, which is well loved by tourists, grows and makes use of lavender in their cooking. The area is also known for growing olives and produces a wonderful olive oil. Fish, chicken and lamb dishes are popular with good use of herbs such as sage, rosemary and others.

The Bordeaux region in France is renowned for it’s various wines, and they are great to accompany a lunch or dinner with fish, caught locally in that area.

Chinese cuisine is also well liked in other countries. Steamed rice is usually served with a main course, while soups may have noodles, but usually not many other ingredients besides a broth. This particular cuisine is very healthy, with an emphasis on lots of vegetables and sometimes fish or chicken. Bok choy is a Chinese cabbage found in stir fry meals, often with carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables. Soy sauce is the most widely used, but other sauces include oyster and Hoisin. Desserts are often simple ones such as ice cream or jellies.

Japanese cuisine is characterized by the use of seafood and rice or noodles. Sashimi is one of their delicacies. It is raw seafood, which may be eaten as an appetizer or the main meal. It is accompanied by a simple sauce such as soy. Sushi is enjoyed in Europe and North America, and can be different from what you would find in Japan. All include rice, and are often wrapped with seaweed.

The cuisine of Greece is influenced by it’s location at the Mediterranean Sea and what grows there. This olive growing region is also famed for it’s great oils and is a common ingredient in many meals. Feta cheese is often used, particularly in Greek salad and spinach pie. Pork or lamb cooked on a skewer, known as Souvlaki, is a common dish. When cooked in other countries sometimes chicken is used as well. The most popular Greek dessert is Baklava. This consists of thin layers of pastry and nuts, covered in honey. It’s very sweet but delicious.

These are some of the finest, and tasty cuisines in the world.

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