How make white sauce pasta?

How make white sauce pasta?

An easy and popular cheesy pasta recipe made with creamy white sauce with soft and tasty penne pasta. The recipe is very much inspired from the Italian white-coloured pasta but tweaked and adjusted to the Indian taste buds. It can be either served for lunch or dinner or as a perfect lunch box recipe for kids and adults.

There are myriad and thousands of pasta recipes that have been widely accepted by Indian households, but none of them are native to Indian cuisine. However, there are 2 main recipes which have been widely appreciated by many Indians. one is the red sauce pasta, but the other recipe is white sauce pasta which is known for its creamy and cheesy flavour.

well for some white sauce pasta recipes might be familiar, but for many, it may not be a known recipe. especially with many Indians, pasta means a red coloured pasta. In addition, this pasta has to be spicy, savoury or in other words, it has to be chatpata in taste. well, the pasta recipe in white sauce may not tick all those boxes but does satisfy the cheesy and creaminess taste. Having said that, i have added a generous amount of chilli flakes, black pepper and mixed herbs which should satisfy those requirements. However, I have tried to keep it mild, hence do not overdo it by adding it more. The essence and crux of this recipe is cheesy and creamy which makes it unique.

Furthermore, before wrapping up the recipe, I would like to add a few tips, suggestions and variations to pasta recipes in white sauce. Firstly, the white sauce is made with plain flour or maida, in combination with milk and spices. hence once the sauce is rested it may thicken and may have to adjust the consistency by adding water. secondly, with respect to adding veggies, it is completely open-ended and may add as per your preference. having said that you have to chop these veggies finely so that it gets cooked quickly. Lastly, this recipe tastes great when made with penne pasta, macaroni, rigatoni and fusilli. do not try with spaghetti, lasagna or orzo as it may get dissolved in the sauce and maybe a disaster.

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